Wow, They Actually Made Another Toy Soldiers Game

Part of me is furrowing my brow at the violent gender divide going on here. Why do "boy's toys" and "girl's toys" need to fight each other? Can't kids just get along and play with all of them? Or just get some LEGO instead? » 8/11/14 11:00pm 8/11/14 11:00pm

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Adds Co-Op And... Is That Rambo?

We here at Kotaku loved the first Toy Soldiers, a downloadable Xbox 360 tower defense game set during World War I. The new one, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, is debuting at PAX East in Boston, where I saw it on Saturday. It looks like a fantastic upgrade. » 3/12/11 11:24pm 3/12/11 11:24pm

The New Toy Soldiers Sends G.I. Joe Action Figures To War!

The warfare of Xbox Live Arcade hit Toy Soldiers advances ever closer to the modern era with Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a battle between action figures from the 1980's. Leaving the grim battles of World War I behind, Cold War pits Rambo toys and canon fodder with a kung-fu grip against a Red Menace. » 3/09/11 7:20pm 3/09/11 7:20pm

Lest We Forget Toy Soldiers

Christmas is a time for looking back at the year passed, processing what's been most important for you over the past twelve months. For me, and video games, one such thing was — surprisingly — Xbox Live Arcade game Toy Soldiers. » 12/17/10 2:30am 12/17/10 2:30am

Bloody Warfare In Bloody Desert, The Indie RTS

Santiago Gonzalez has been working on the kind of indie game we don't normally expect from an indie developer: a real-time strategy game set in the present day. » 8/09/10 8:00am 8/09/10 8:00am

Call of Duty For The Rest Of Them

There are people who can't play Call of Duty. Maybe, according to a flight of fancy proposed last week at the Game Developers Conference, those people could at least help us CoD players out. » 3/15/10 5:00pm 3/15/10 5:00pm

Toy Soldiers Micro-review: A Farewell To Arms?

Being a kid is great. Your toys aren't just toys, they're real. And your bedroom or table top can serve as the terrain for your imagination. Does Xbox Live Arcade game Toy Soldiers capture the feeling of playing with toy soldiers? » 3/04/10 4:40pm 3/04/10 4:40pm

Play A Facebook Game To Help The War Effort On Your Xbox 360, Or Vice…

You play a game on Facebook. I'll play one on Xbox 360. Our winnings will contribute to the same side of a virtual reenactment of World War I. Behold, the first Facebook-360 gaming link, launching this week. More are coming. » 3/02/10 8:00pm 3/02/10 8:00pm

Toy Soldiers Is Your XBLA Game of the Week, COG Armor Your New Deal

If you've suffered a bump on the head and forgotten your Xbox Live Arcade Block Party release schedule, here's a reminder that Toy Soldiers is your XBLA game of the week, a rare World War I-themed video game. » 3/01/10 5:40pm 3/01/10 5:40pm

Microsoft Prices And Dates The Xbox Live Block Party

Microsoft gets its Xbox Live Block Party started right, scheduling the weekly releases of Toy Soldiers, Scrap Metal, Perfect Dark, and Game Room, with a chance for players to score Microsoft points and a month of Xbox Live Gold. » 2/22/10 1:00pm 2/22/10 1:00pm

War Never Looked So Shiny

We've established that the upcoming Toy Soldiers for Xbox Live Arcade has things in common with the old PC game, Army Men. Mostly the part where you're playing with plastic soldiers. But were Army Men ever this shiny? » 12/29/09 2:00pm 12/29/09 2:00pm

Toy Soldiers — It's Ain't Exactly Army Men, But It'll Do

I have fond high school memories is of secretly installing Army Men on school computers. I'm not in high school anymore, thank God, but my love of toy soldiers can continue in... Toy Soldiers. » 9/24/09 8:30pm 9/24/09 8:30pm