People Are Finding New Ways To Get Upset At Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II went from being one of 2013's most promising games to one of its most disappointing. Indeed, it took months of patches and updates to even get it to a presentable state. Not that performance and AI were the last of the game's troubles. » 2/19/14 11:00pm 2/19/14 11:00pm

Sometimes, Killer Dogs In Video Games Can Be A Good Thing. Sometimes.

Riley is the exception. For too long, dogs - who are meant to be our best friends - have been portrayed as annoying video game villains, foes able to dodge bullets and who take a crummy QTE or two to see off. In Total War: Rome II, that's not the case. » 11/07/13 1:00am 11/07/13 1:00am

I Wish All Games Had Glitches Like Total War: Rome II

Fiendish stares from hell, death animations that look like dance moves, subterrestrial ships, a Superman army, weird low-res textures... Total War: Rome II has some of the funniest glitches of any strategy game. And since a patch comes out today, all these things will probably be lost in time, like Spartan ships in… » 9/06/13 9:00pm 9/06/13 9:00pm

Nooo! I didn't know the Samnites in Total War: Rome II were actually zombie cannibals. When the graphics are running on extreme, a minor, probably temporary glitch could render this horrifying—yet hilarious—texture-effect. » 9/03/13 8:30am 9/03/13 8:30am

Creative Assembly's latest PC strategy game, Total War: Rome II, is out today. Make sure to watch your back while slaughtering armies and conquering all those cities, lest you end up lying in a pool of your own blood. Don't follow the trailer's example, folks. » 9/03/13 7:20am 9/03/13 7:20am

Total War: Rome II Is Impressive, But Can It Handle Hannibal?

While no mere video game could ever hope to accurately emulate one of the greatest military commanders of all-time, Total War: Rome II has the power, scale and versatility to give Hannibal a good run. » 8/01/13 10:00am 8/01/13 10:00am

Only Total War Could Make A Hill Look This Exciting

Rather than let the unwashed masses make "Let's Play" videos of the upcoming Total War: Rome II, Creative Assembly and Sega have cut out the middle man and made one themselves. » 7/12/13 3:00am 7/12/13 3:00am

30000x4087 Video Game 'Screenshot' Is a Whole Lot to Take In

The people in charge of hyping the new PC game Total War: Rome II keep exploiting our weakness for absurdly large, detailed screenshots—screenshots that could get their game mistaken for the most violent Where's Waldo ever. » 6/28/13 12:00pm 6/28/13 12:00pm

Total War: Rome II will be out everywhere on September 3rd. The collector's edition comes with a replica catapult! The first slice of DLC—which offers up the three additional factions of Epirus, Athens and Sparta—is free if you pre-order. So, render unto Caesar… this is madness, etc. » 5/09/13 9:40am 5/09/13 9:40am

The Most Ridiculously Over-Sized Screenshot I Have Ever Seen

Here's how a screenshot normally gets from a publisher to a website like this. They're either hosted on a press site or sent via email. Sometimes, if a company is crazy/lazy, they'll only send the versions that print magazines can use, meaning we've got a little resizing to do to get it to a size that won't destroy… » 4/11/13 12:00am 4/11/13 12:00am

Today's Best "Gameplay" Trailer Comes Courtesy Of Total War: Rome II

It's not actual gameplay. There's no HUD, no mouse cursor. But at least give Creative Assembly credit for releasing a cutscene for Total War: Rome II that's made up entirely of in-game assets, something they did to good effect in Shogun 2. » 3/01/13 3:00am 3/01/13 3:00am

The First Look at Total War: Rome II ’s Gameplay Has Freakin’ Battle…

By the gods, this first glimpse of the the battles between the ancient empire of Rome and Carthage looks amazing. The video above is purportedly cut from in-game footage and this clip—coupled with the screens we saw during the summer—sure make it seem like Creative Assembly's next strategy opus is going to be a… » 9/26/12 10:40am 9/26/12 10:40am

Praise Be to Mars, Total War: Rome II Marches onto PCs Next Year

It's been eons—in gaming time, at least—since The Creative Assembly's Roman variant of the Total War strategy games let millions of players become Caesars. A sequel's finally been confirmed today and Total War: Rome II will be sporting a new graphics engine to make the global domination shinier than ever. You'll get… » 7/02/12 10:00am 7/02/12 10:00am