Pile Of Industry Awards For Star Wars: The Old Republic a Sad Reminder of the Game That Might Have Been

The Game Developers Choice Online awards exist to give folks in the gaming industry a chance to highlight and celebrate the work of their peers in online games. This year's award ceremony took place last night in Austin. The full list of winners includes nods to Diablo III for best audio and League of Legends for… »10/11/12 9:30pm10/11/12 9:30pm

BioWare is 'Looking at Free-to-Play' for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Back in December BioWare's dueling doctors told us they couldn't see their newly-launched massively multiplayer online Star Wars role-playing game going free-to-play in the foreseeable future. Then BioWare botched several free game updates and lost a good chunk of the game's subscribers. Suddenly free-to-play isn't… »6/15/12 9:30am6/15/12 9:30am