The Beautiful Hand-Writing And Maps Of The Lord Of The Rings Movies

One of the few things that wasn't computer-generated in the recent Hobbit movies was all the sweet Middle Earth calligraphy, which was done by the same artist responsible for the most of the books (and maps) of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. » 2/12/15 10:00pm 2/12/15 10:00pm

Texas Boy Suspended For 'Threatening' Classmate With The One Ring

A fourth grader named Aiden Steward was suspended Friday, after school officials determined he had threatened to use his magic ring to make another boy disappear. » 2/01/15 1:00pm 2/01/15 1:00pm

Now There's A Three-Hour Cut Of The Hobbit Trilogy

Fan Cuts The Hobbit Into A Single, 4-Hour Movie

The first thing I thought after watching The Battle of Five Armies was "boy, that's a movie that didn't need to be made". Now, thanks to the power of fans and the internet, we can pretend around half of Peter Jackson's entire Hobbit trilogy never happened. » 1/19/15 6:30pm 1/19/15 6:30pm

How The Hobbit's Incredible CG Visuals Were Made

Wired and effects studio WETA have put together this video showing how many of the big battle (and dragon) sequences for the third Hobbit movie were put together. It's pretty good! » 1/15/15 6:30pm 1/15/15 6:30pm

Hobbit Sword Glows When It Detects Wi-Fi

WarSting is a replica of Bilbo Baggins' famous sword Sting, with a twist: instead of glowing blue when it detects Orcs, it glows blue when it picks up an open wi-fi network. » 12/23/14 9:00pm 12/23/14 9:00pm

Good Job, Cosplayers. The Hobbit Effects Creators Are Impressed.

Most cosplayers do their costume-making several degrees of separation away from the professional designers who create the big-budget looks they emulate. So they don't get the chance to hear what the concept artists and visual effects maestros think of fan-made work. But, some of the folks who've worked on the Hobbit » 12/16/14 10:00am 12/16/14 10:00am

The Music Video For The Hobbit's Final Song Will Give You Chills

Billy Boyd (who played loyal hobbit and silken-voiced songster Pippin in The Lord of The Rings) will lend his vocal talents once again to The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Here's the official music video for"The Last Goodbye," which will play over the film's end credits. » 11/22/14 9:56am 11/22/14 9:56am

The New Hobbit Trailer Is One Hell Of A Nostalgia Trip

Here is the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, complete with a throwback to one of the best moments in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King—Pippin's song. CHILLS. » 7/28/14 3:41pm 7/28/14 3:41pm

The Saturday Morning Stream: LEGO: The Hobbit (Stream Over)

Warning: Today's Saturday stream may contain material that spoil the events of a fantasy book published in 1937. » 4/12/14 11:00am 4/12/14 11:00am

Update: And we're done! Thanks as always to everyone who showed up to chat. Here's the archive, preserved forever in the halls of some legendary dwarf thing.

Middle Earth Is Being Recreated On A 1:1 Scale

We've talked about the Outerra engine a few times here on Kotaku, and every time we do, someone invariably asks "but what is this actually for"? Well, here's one application: it's great for making a 1:1 recreation of Middle Earth. » 1/28/14 9:30pm 1/28/14 9:30pm

​Seriously, Why Doesn't Gandalf Call In The Eagles All The Time

There's a lot to like in the latest video from How It Should Have Ended, which tackles The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. But the best bit is at the very start, since it re-raises a question that's been lingering for a while now. Why doesn't Gandalf call in the eagles all the time? » 1/15/14 5:30pm 1/15/14 5:30pm

Why does every story have to be an Earth-shattering epic?

Lately, it seems like every story has to be massive, or nobody cares. Every Doctor Who story is about saving the entire universe. The latest Hobbit movie seemed to be trying to be a Lord of the Rings-style saga. Every action movie needs global stakes. Can we talk about our epic epidemic? » 12/24/13 8:00am 12/24/13 8:00am

Here's our first look at the colorful plastic world of LEGO The Hobbit. Announced officially late last month, the 2014 TT Games developed adventure will span the first two movie in the trilogy, paving the way for the inevitable complete version once the third film is out, followed by a bundle of both it and LEGO Lord… » 12/16/13 10:00am 12/16/13 10:00am

The Hobbit proves you can like a movie even if it's not good

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is considerably better than the first movie in the trilogy. It has a more coherent structure, genuinely interesting character development, and fucking awesome dragon action. I liked it a lot — yet I was painfully aware of how bad the movie was. Here's what you'll enjoy in The Hobbit » 12/13/13 9:46am 12/13/13 9:46am

Epic LEGO Lord Of The Rings Diorama Took 200,000 Bricks To Build

Alice Finch - who earlier this year built the world's biggest LEGO Hogwarts - has teamed up with another builder, David Frank, to recreate The Lord Of The Rings' Rivendell. Using around 200,000 bricks. » 12/12/13 11:00pm 12/12/13 11:00pm

The One-Man Hobbit Band Returns to Sing the Latest Soundtrack

he next The Hobbit film premieres on Friday, and that means Peter Hollens and his a capella clones have returned to sing us a song from it. You may remember his performance of "Misty Mountain" back in January. Well, here he is with "I See Fire." » 12/11/13 10:00am 12/11/13 10:00am

LEGO The Hobbit Game Rumored for 2014 Release

A user in the Brickset LEGO enthusiast forum has posted what appears to be promotional materials for a LEGO The Hobbit adaptation, launching some time next year. The image is said to come from the instruction booklet to 2014 The Hobbit sets. » 11/24/13 11:00am 11/24/13 11:00am