What People Came to See at the Tokyo Game Show

We at Kotaku » 9/28/12 6:00am 9/28/12 6:00am have already reported at some length to get into the Tokyo Game Show this year. And with about on the first public day, it's easy to see why. And since literally thousands of people were standing in line with nothing to do, I decided to ask a few people at random about why they were at the Tokyo Game…

I'm Sold on the Wii U GamePad's Multiplayer

While at this year's Tokyo Game Show, I got my first hands on with the Wii U. Other Kotaku editors have used the Wii U plenty, but since I didn't go to E3, this was my first. Prior to picking it up for the first time, I really didn't have high expectations for it—nor did I have them for the game I was to play, Tank!… » 9/24/12 7:30am 9/24/12 7:30am

The Line into the Tokyo Game Show is Hours Long

The Tokyo Game Show has lines—long lines for almost every game. But what about the line to enter the show, just how long is that line? Before the show began Saturday morning, it wrapped around the entire convention center and was six to seven people wide. Walking the entire length of the line took me twenty minutes.… » 9/22/12 9:00am 9/22/12 9:00am