10 Huge Tentpole Movies That Should Have Been Low-Budget Gonzo Films

It's the middle of summer movie season. These days, that means tons of movies, designed to bring in the broadest audience to justify their $100 million-plus budget. And sometimes, you can tell these films, deep down, want to be "B" movies. Here are 10 huge-budget movies that would have been more fun with less money. » 7/09/14 3:29pm 7/09/14 3:29pm

GRIN Is Officially Dead, Spawns Outbreak

It's official. No more gold teeth will be added to that gruesome smile, as GRIN, the Swedish developer responsible for games like Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate and more is closing its doors due to "an unbearable cashflow situation." » 8/12/09 3:00pm 8/12/09 3:00pm

Bionic Commando Fails To Grab Retail Success

Despite swinging into retail stores amidst a flurry of hype, nostalgia, and relatively kind reviews, Capcom's Bionic Commando failed to capture big numbers at retail, pushing only 27,000 units in its opening month. » 6/15/09 2:00pm 6/15/09 2:00pm

Terminator Salvation iPhone Micro-Review: Rise of the Apple Machine

Fewer machines are better poised to enslave humanity than the ubiquitous iPhone. That doesn't make Apple's gadget the ideal device for a Terminator game, though it does suggest a good platform for crude movie tie-ins. » 5/29/09 1:00pm 5/29/09 1:00pm

Terminator Salvation Review: I Hate Robots

Set in 2016 in a decimated Los Angeles, Terminator Salvation the video game is meant to connect the leap between Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation the movie. » 5/28/09 12:00pm 5/28/09 12:00pm

Rumor: Mass Layoffs Hit Bionic Commando Developer GRIN

Sweden-based developer GRIN is said to be the latest game studio hit by cutbacks, as multiple sources have told Kotaku that the Bionic Commando and Terminator: Salvation dev has laid off more than 100 staffers. » 5/27/09 7:40pm 5/27/09 7:40pm

We Get It, Terminator Salvation Movie Is Just Like A Video Game

In trying to describe how much they disliked the new Terminator movie, many movie reviewers decided that comparing it to video games would do the trick. » 5/26/09 7:00pm 5/26/09 7:00pm

Terminator Salvation Machinima Delivers Six-Part Series

Terminator Salvation: The Machinima series uses footage from Terminator Salvation the video game to tell the story of pilot Blair Williams and how she joined the resistance years before the events of the movie. » 5/26/09 12:00pm 5/26/09 12:00pm

Christian Bale, Screamer, Video Game Lover (Oh, And Actor)

Christian Bale is best known for bananas at some cinematographer. He's also an actor! And like millions and millions of people on Earth today, he loves video games. » 5/25/09 4:00am 5/25/09 4:00am

Terminator Salvation Totally Recalled

If you own the PS3 or 360 versions of Terminator Salvation, you're fine. If you own the PC version, however...well, you probably already know the thing doesn't work. » 5/21/09 12:30am 5/21/09 12:30am

Terminator Salvation Rains Death From Above

The only thing worse than unstoppable mechanical creatures hell-bent on humanity's extinction? Flying unstoppable mechanical creatures hell-bent on humanity's extinction. » 5/11/09 4:40pm 5/11/09 4:40pm

Terminator Game Devs Worked on Film Set, Did Not Get Reamed by…

An AP story about game adaptations of movies mentions that the developers of the Terminator Salvation game worked "under the same roof" as the film crew, in hopes of making something that doesn't, well, suck. » 4/12/09 4:00pm 4/12/09 4:00pm

Terminator Salvation Preview: Please Don't Come Back

Terminator Salvation is sure to explode at the movie theater, finally offering moviegoers an in-depth look at the post-apocalyptic world we've all been hearing so much about. » 3/27/09 2:20pm 3/27/09 2:20pm

Terminator Salvation Getting Arcade Game

This May, flick Terminator Salvation hits movie theaters. Sources tell arcade site Arcade Heroes that a Terminator Salvation light gun arcade game is getting released. » 3/17/09 7:00am 3/17/09 7:00am

John Connor In Terminator Salvation Game, Christian Bale Not

Actress Rose McGowan is not in the upcoming Hollywood sci-fi flick Terminator Salvation, but is in the game. The always professional Christian Bale is in the movie, but not in the game. Not fair! » 3/04/09 12:00am 3/04/09 12:00am

Rose McGowan Joins Terminator Salvation Game

Just because Actress Rose McGowan (Planet Terror) is not in the Terminator Salvation movie, that doesn't mean she can't be in the Terminator Salvation game. » 2/25/09 12:00am 2/25/09 12:00am

Terminator Salvation Revealed In New GamePro

If you weren't completely turned off to the Terminator franchise after the cinematic sewage that was Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the latest issue of GamePro might be of interest to you. » 2/03/09 2:30pm 2/03/09 2:30pm

Terminator Salvation Promises To Be A Good Movie Tie-In

It's time for another stab at a Terminator video game, this time based on the upcoming film Terminator Salvation, due out in theaters next May. Developed by GRIN studios, Salvation will be an intense action game featuring John Connor fighting against the forces of Skynet in order to prevent the storyline from… » 11/20/08 12:20pm 11/20/08 12:20pm