Telltale has announced a third season of The Walking Dead for later this year (via Mashable), in addition to new Minecraft episodes—three total—in 2016. The Walking Dead will reportedly pick up on threads from the last season, but in an “unexpected” way, whatever that means.

Telltale’s announced their three-part Walking Dead mini-series will premiere on February 23 on every platform but mobile, where it hits on February 25. The whole series will cost you $15. The other Michonne-focused episodes will come out in March and April. Is Telltale getting on a normal release schedule?!

In a crazy quick turnaround for Telltale Games, the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is available today. It’s usually several months in-between episodes! Game of Thrones, for example, had its last episode released in July, and the finale won’t arrive until next month.

Telltale’s announced the season finale for Tales From The Borderlands will be released on October 20, starting with PC, Mac, PS4, and PS3. It hits October 21 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, October 22 on iOS and Android. Additionally, the first episode is now free for console and mobile players.


Telltale’s next Game of Thrones episode, A Nest of Vipers, arrives next week. It’s the same schedule as before: Tuesday on PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4. On Wednesday, it hits Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Then, on Thursday, those with iOS devices can join in.