The first game in Telltale's Game of Thrones series will be out next week. The dates, confirmed by a pair of tweets, are: December 2 for PC and PS4, December 3 for Xbox One and 360, and December 4 for iOS. The PS3 will get Iron From Ice on December 9, and the Android version will be out later in December. » 11/28/14 5:30am 11/28/14 5:30am

Tilt? The Walking Dead Pinball Will Remember That.

When Telltale Games' PR director teased a surprise announcement via Twitter yesterday, my fellow Kotaku writers and I compiled a list of potential game reveals. Nowhere on that list was a The Walking Dead pinball table from Zen Studios. » 6/04/14 9:50am 6/04/14 9:50am

The fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us comes out on May 27th, developer Telltale Games just announced. It's called "In Sheep's Clothing," and it's the penultimate episode. The season started to get really good in the last episode, so let's hope that it stays that way! » 5/22/14 12:50pm 5/22/14 12:50pm

Telltale's Borderlands Game Sure Is Looking Pretty

Folks got all excited when the makers of The Walking Dead games said they were working in the Borderlands universe. Judging from a few new screens from Tales from the Borderlands, that excitement was warranted. » 5/05/14 8:15am 5/05/14 8:15am

The second season of the The Walking Dead, Telltale Games' renowned episodic adventure game, is coming to the PlayStation Vita next Tuesday, April 22, Sony announced this morning. In other words: if you have a Vita and you haven't already started playing this phenomenal game, plan to set aside a few hours next week.… » 4/17/14 9:51am 4/17/14 9:51am

Episode three of The Wolf Among Us is out this week, developer Telltale says—it releases today on PS3, PC, and Mac; and it's out tomorrow on Xbox 360 (and on PSN in Europe). iOS comes later this week. » 4/08/14 10:36am 4/08/14 10:36am

It's Getting Pretty Intense Up In The Wolf Among Us Episode Three

Telltale Games has released the spoiler-filled trailer for A Crooked Mile, episode three of The Wolf Among Us adventure game, and man does it make me want to stop writing this and play episode two. » 4/01/14 3:11pm 4/01/14 3:11pm

The First Details On Telltale's Borderlands Game

"You never really play what actually happened, you're playing this Big Fish version of what happened," Telltale's Kevin Bruner said of his studio's Borderlands spinoff, Tales from the Borderlands, at a panel at SXSW on Saturday. » 3/09/14 10:30am 3/09/14 10:30am

The Walking Dead Season Two Continues Next Week. Until Then, Trailer.

Tuesday, March 4 marks the continuation of Clementine's undead-tainted coming-of-age tale on the PlayStation 3 in "A House Divided", as teased by this star-studded trailer. I really need to catch up. » 2/27/14 9:27am 2/27/14 9:27am

Can't get enough Jack and Bigby? Here's the trailer for episode two of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. Will Jack get his ass-kicked by the big bad in Smoke & Mirrors? Next week is far too long to wait for an answer. Just imagine it in your head until then. (via IGN) » 1/29/14 2:15pm 1/29/14 2:15pm

Telltale Games says that the next episode of The Wolf Among Us will be out during the first week of February. After a thread on their own forums and on Reddit blew up with outrage over the lack of news as to when episode 2 would be coming out, the developer announced that "It's been a struggle to get this episode… » 1/14/14 3:49pm 1/14/14 3:49pm

The Sequel To 2012's Amazing Walking Dead Game Is Here. It's Depressing.

The Walking Dead Season Two—Telltale's follow-up to their fantastic episodic adventure series—kicks off today with its first episode and it's even more depressing with Clementine as its lead character. » 12/17/13 2:00pm 12/17/13 2:00pm

New Borderlands Game Coming From Telltale, Makers of The Walking Dead

You read the headline correctly. And we are just as excited as you probably are! Telltale, the studio behind last year's critically-acclaimed Walking Dead video game series, is developing a new series based on Gearbox's Borderlands games. [UPDATE: Trailer added!] » 12/07/13 6:05pm 12/07/13 6:05pm

Bigby who? Is he the guy next to Jack? The second episode of Fables, Smoke & Mirrors, is almost ready for prime time, so Telltale Games decided to call in a little star power to finish the job. That handsome blond fellow? He's Jack, aka Jack Frost, aka Jack the Giant Killer, aka not really but we'll run with it… » 12/06/13 2:10pm 12/06/13 2:10pm

Bigby Wolf stalks iOS this evening in the first episode of Telltale Games' Fables series. Released in October for PC, Mac and consoles, The Wolf Among Us begins a pre-comic murder mystery starring a fairy tale villain on the road to redemption. It's a good start. » 12/04/13 2:24pm 12/04/13 2:24pm

The Walking Dead: Season Two arrives this month, Telltale Games just said through its Twitter feed. The tweet included this image, saying "a familiar face returns." And they don't mean Clementine. » 12/02/13 11:16am 12/02/13 11:16am