Dying Light's Nighttime Zombie Chase Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

There are precisely one billionty video games out there that ask you to imagine what it would be like to survive the zombie apocalypse. But it's rare to find one that makes the setting feel like anything more than just morbid fun or creepy explorations. It's hard to inspire genuine, adrenaline-rushing fear. The kind… » 9/04/13 4:00pm 9/04/13 4:00pm

Hellraid Doesn't Look Half Bad for a Medieval Dead Island

Man... this trailer. Yes, Techland's 2013 first-person slasher Hellraid has a silly name. And yes, the Dead Island games have never been perfect. But this game looks like they took the best part of Dead Island (the combat) and applied it to a setting that screams "Dark Messiah". How can I say no to that? » 5/08/13 5:20am 5/08/13 5:20am

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Trailer Sings Us the Story of Silas Greaves

As we know, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger wants to return Techland's first-person shooter series to its roots. This trailer shows just that. We get to see Silas Greaves, the bounty hunter serving as this chapter's protagonist, shoot his way through the Wild West. Cue guitar ballad. Gunslinger is coming out on May 21. » 5/07/13 5:20am 5/07/13 5:20am

Can People Still Get Dead Island In Countries Where It's Censored? 'I…

Like the original Dead Island, the sequel, Dead Island: Riptide won't have a German release, because that country is really weird about depictions of killing video game zombies, who technically are not even human and literally are not real. The game's creative director was asked if he thinks Germans are still getting… » 12/02/12 11:00am 12/02/12 11:00am