I'm Already Sick Of This Street Fighter V Stage

Top-tier Street Fighter rivals Daigo and GamerBee face-off in a Street Fighter V exhibition match during the Taipei Game Show, and I couldn't be more bored. New background, please. » 2/01/15 3:00pm 2/01/15 3:00pm

Taiwan's Military Scouts Recruits at Game Expo

The Taipei Game Show, that "other" TGS, is like every other video game show out there. Lots of pretty people, lots of gamers, and games games games galore. However, this year's Taipei Game Show has something not so normal: within the depths of the game show convention is a recruitment base for Taiwan's military. » 1/27/14 6:00am 1/27/14 6:00am

The Sights of Taiwan's Big Gaming Blowout

Now in its tenth year, the Taipei Game Show was expected to draw over 300,000 visitors. As previously reported, this year's show also packed in overseas game companies to show new hardware, like the PS Vita, as well as new games. » 2/06/12 7:40am 2/06/12 7:40am

Taiwanese Game Show Heroically Shows Old Stuff

This year's Taipei Game Show recently wrapped up. And while it's short on breaking news when compared to the Tokyo Game Show or the E3 gaming expo, it does look like a grand time. » 2/22/11 5:00am 2/22/11 5:00am