Chinese Grandma Tries to Shut Down a Microsoft Event, Then Things Get Ugly

To kick off Surface, Microsoft held big launch events in China. At the midnight event in Beijing, there were dancers, loud music, and one pissed off grandma. That's when things got ugly.

According to Sina, the noise was apparently keeping her grandchildren awake—a problem since the next day was a schoolday. So… »10/26/12 4:50am10/26/12 4:50am

Microsoft Already Has a Computer Called "Surface", and it Makes Board Games Look Awesome

The unveiling earlier today of Microsoft's new "Surface" tablets was a strange one for me. Not because of the nature of the product, but for its name. It's one Microsoft has been using for years, only, for an entirely different device. One that, for a while there, we thought could change the way we played games. … »6/18/12 11:00pm6/18/12 11:00pm