The Visual Evolution of Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy Games

StarCraft II's expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, is already out in some parts of the world, and it's launching tomorrow in North America. To celebrate, let's take the opportunity to examine more than 20 years' worth of real-time strategy history in today's Show Us gallery, and see how much the genre has evolved… » 3/11/13 8:30pm 3/11/13 8:30pm

Meet the Cybran Faction of Supreme Commander 2

Three factions—Cybran, Illuminate, and United Earth Federation (UEF)—control the Supreme Commander 2 galaxy. Cybran traces its beginnings far back into Earth Empire history. In 2592, Doctor Gustaf Brackman, an unmatched genius in cybernetics, successfully "twined" the first human/AI pair, creating a symbiont. » 2/24/10 4:59pm 2/24/10 4:59pm

Supreme Commander 2, Brought To You By Square Enix

Square Enix, famous for dealing exclusively with Japanese developers, takes the first steps towards becoming a truly global publisher today, announcing a strategic partnership with Seattle-based Gas Powered Games. The partnership also marks Square Enix's first foray into the real-time strategy market as GPG begins… » 11/12/08 10:20am 11/12/08 10:20am