PCGamingWiki Wants to Solve the Biggest Problems with PC Gaming:…

Have you ever had a problem installing the latest and greatest PC game and were forced to scour semi-helpful forum posts for hours looking for a solution? Andrew Tsai certainly has, and he created PCGamingWiki so no one else ever has to.

If Tsai, who goes by the handle Andytizer on the PCGamingWiki site (and is not… » 2/29/12 4:00pm 2/29/12 4:00pm

Video Game Addiction Support Group Opens In London, Canada

The US-based support group, On-Line Gamers Anonymous has opened its first chapter in Canada. Brad Dorrance - founder member of the London, CA chapter - came to the group after his 12-hour a day habit contributed to the breakup of his marriage and lead to an attempted suicide. "I think people need to see how much… » 11/06/08 7:00pm 11/06/08 7:00pm

GTA IV's PS3 Problems To Be Fixed Via Firmware Update?

GTA IV has some problems. Some are pretty great, but most have resulted in freezes and lock-ups, which aren't great. And while a recent patch has fixed some of those problems, it hasn't fixed all of them, leaving a lot of GTA IV players still in the lurch. If that's you and you own a 60GB PS3, help may be on the way,… » 5/13/08 7:00am 5/13/08 7:00am