Jigglypuff's Famous Rest Attack Put To The Test

One of the key things that makes Jigglypuff an absolute terror in the Smash Bros. ring is her "rest" move. If you've ever gone against the Puff, you know what I'm talking about: it's when she falls asleep and then beats you into a pulp. But just how powerful is it, exactly? Numbers to the rescue! » 3/24/15 12:15pm 3/24/15 12:15pm

This League of Legends Mod For Smash Bros. Will Never Be Played

In their free time, some Riot developers made a Smash Bros. mod that League of Legends-ified the game. Sadly, Super League Bros. (as I like to call it) will most likely never see the light of day since Riot said it was "just for fun." At least we can gaze upon some fuzzy pictures and dream of what could have been. » 3/20/15 12:30pm 3/20/15 12:30pm

Shovel Knight in Smash? Maybe someday. The eponymous hero of Shovel Knight was drawn by DeviantArt's hextupleyoodot, AKA Artsy Omni, the guy behind the Rayman "leak," as part of his Smashified series. You can find more of his art in his DeviantArt gallery here. » 3/11/15 8:30am 3/11/15 8:30am

"I swear I'm the only one who plays Diddy Kong." Competitive Smash-er and YouTuber The Dandy Keef has a clever spin on the "shit people say" template that's all about Super Smash Bros. jokes and memes. Enjoy. » 2/25/15 4:00pm 2/25/15 4:00pm

'Realistic' Smash Bros. Clapping Video Is The Dumbest Way To End Friday

You made it to the end of another week. Congratulations! Your mother and I are proud of you. And so are all of these Super Smash Bros. characters, who will now clap "realistically" at you for five minutes. Just watch (with sound on). It's as great as it is dumb. » 2/20/15 8:45pm 2/20/15 8:45pm

How 'Reading' Works In Smash Bros.

"Reading" isn't just the provenance of drag queens. Not anymore, at least. The partly-psychological, partly-social practice of "reading" another person is an essential piece of playing fighting games like Super Smash Bros. effectively. So how does it work? An excellent new tutorial by Rush Hour Smash spells it out. » 2/20/15 12:15pm 2/20/15 12:15pm

Overpowered Bot Puts Top Smash Bros. Player In His Place

If you've paid any sort of attention to the competitive Super Smash Bros scene over the years, you've probably heard of Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman. He's won countless championships in every iteration of Smash and advanced the scene with discoveries about game physics and technique. Recently, he lost to a CPU. » 2/18/15 9:30pm 2/18/15 9:30pm

Smash Bros. Player Discovers Potentially Game-Breaking Exploit

Amongst the panoply of Super Smash Bros. characters, Captain Olimar is often considered one of the most peculiar figures in the game. The Pikmin star is tricky to use effectively, particularly for beginners. Now, he's developing a new reputation thanks to a ridiculously powerful exploit one player discovered this week. » 2/18/15 2:15pm 2/18/15 2:15pm

Super Smash Bros. Is Unbalanced, And That's A Good Thing

Controversies over Smash Bros. characters like Diddy Kong and Little Mac illustrate a larger concern that people have with Nintendo's famous fighting game: is it properly balanced? One of the most compelling arguments I've read says no. But then it asks a compelling follow-up: So what? » 2/16/15 5:05pm 2/16/15 5:05pm

How To Create A Convincing Fake Smash Bros. Rayman Leak

A "leaked video" showing Ubisoft's mascot character being selected in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U stirred rumors of suprise Nintendo DLC over the weekend, at least until YouTube's Artsy Omni posted a clip showing how he faked the whole thing. » 2/15/15 1:00pm 2/15/15 1:00pm

The always hilarious Smash YouTuber Lythero has a new video showing Kirby doing his best Boo impression in a "fight" against Luigi. As one fan put it on Reddit: "Anyone who played Luigi's Mansion will absolutely love this!" See more of Lythero's great stuff here. » 2/13/15 1:15pm 2/13/15 1:15pm

There's A Rift At The Heart Of The Smash Bros. Scene

Despite being nearly 15 years old and having had a couple of sequels, Super Smash Bros. Melee is still alive and thriving. The fans won't let it die. Usually, the community enthusiasm around Smash Bros. is admirable. But last weekend, at the biggest Smash Bros. tournament ever held, fans' endless love for Melee turned… » 2/04/15 2:00pm 2/04/15 2:00pm

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U just got a new update that makes 15 more stages available in 8-player form. As is often the case when Nintendo updates stuff, other, bigger changes might have just snuck their way into Smash as well. If you see anything interesting, let us know! Full stage list below. » 1/29/15 11:15am 1/29/15 11:15am

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong has become the most divisive character in the new Super Smash Bros. ever since competitive players picked up on the primate's formidable fighting strength. His reign as the fighter to beat sparked a newly heated debate this week when one pro Smasher blamed the game's community for the whole Diddy upset. » 1/26/15 7:15pm 1/26/15 7:15pm

Smash Bros. Players Turned The Falcon Punch Into A Great Mini Game

The rules of "Falcon Potato" are simple. You get two Mario players, and one Captain Falcon player. You turn up the launch rate, and you go timers-only. Once in the match, you slow down time, start a Falcon Punch, and try your best to cape the punch, back and forth, until someone gets hit. » 1/26/15 5:30pm 1/26/15 5:30pm

Smash Bros. Makes Mario Kart's Most Notorious Items A Lot More Fun

As fanfiction, Super Smash Bros. takes bits and pieces from many different Nintendo games and weaves them together into a uniquely chaotic patchwork. It remains faithful to its source material, but only to a point. Some of the most interesting stuff the newest Smash repurposed came from Mario Kart, of all places. » 1/21/15 4:15pm 1/21/15 4:15pm

Smash Tourney Organizer Steps Down Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Influential Smash Bros. tournament organizer Johnathan "Alex Strife" Lugo will no longer be involved with this year's Apex 2015 tournament following a string of allegations involving sexual harassment and other wrongdoing, an Apex representative said today. » 1/20/15 2:37pm 1/20/15 2:37pm