Six Days To LEGO Left Shark? Not Bad. 

It's easy to crank out a next-day t-shirt for a major Super Bowl happening, but assembling bricks in the form of the only part of Katy Perry's halftime show that matters takes time and patience. » 2/08/15 2:00pm 2/08/15 2:00pm

Kate Upton Is Shilling A Terrible Game

During last night's Super Bowl, millions watched as Kate Upton stepped out of a bathtub, donned battle armor and escaped a crumbling stronghold on horseback. The game she's advertising is nowhere near as exciting. » 2/02/15 1:30pm 2/02/15 1:30pm

How to Watch Super Bowl XLIX Online 

Super Bowl XLIX is tomorrow. Cord-cutting SportsHeads need not fret: If you don't have a TV, it's pretty easy to watch it online this year. NBC is streaming it for free on its website, and even if you don't have cable, you'll be able to watch from within the U.S. » 1/31/15 6:00pm 1/31/15 6:00pm

Marshawn Lynch Can’t Handle Mortal Kombat X's Fatalities

You'd think that the infamous NFL player nicknamed Beast Mode would be okay with the gory finishing moves of Mortal Kombat. He's not. At all. Marshawn Lynch isn't down with seeing people's intestines. » 1/30/15 10:20am 1/30/15 10:20am

At Least The Super Bowl Had One Good Moment: Jack Bauer

Today's Super Bowl was brutal to watch, even if you're a Seahawks fan (okay, maybe not if you're a Seahawks fan)—but at least there was one moment worth watching: Jack Bauer's first TV appearance since 2010, in this new teaser for 24: Live Another Day. » 2/02/14 9:47pm 2/02/14 9:47pm

A Broken Super Bowl Is Way More Fun Than The Real Thing

The real Super Bowl is going to be played between two teams of professional athletes. This Super Bowl featured a team of genetically-engineered supermen and a team of pencil-legged children. The results were not pretty. » 2/02/14 6:00pm 2/02/14 6:00pm

Buffalo Banthas and Oakland Vaders: Helmets of a Star Wars Super Bowl

If the Super Bowl was kicking off on the Death Star and not in New York, it'd be the Tauntauns versus the Wattos today. That's according to this set of helmets reimagining the NFL inside the Star Wars canon. Every choice is outstanding (St. Louis Twi'leks, for sure) but the most apt has to be the Washington Gungans. » 2/02/14 3:00pm 2/02/14 3:00pm

When Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers plays Madden, he always plays as himself. Using someone else would be "cheating on myself." With the Super Bowl in town, the Museum of the Moving Image opened its exhibit "Madden: 25 Years and Running." A video by ANIMALNewYork shows what happens when NFLers get on the sticks. » 2/01/14 1:22pm 2/01/14 1:22pm

Super Bowl Player Spent All Week Playing Pokémon

The week before the Super Bowl in NY/NJ, some NFL players spend their time on the field. Others like to party it up in New York's lavish nightclubs and restaurants. But Nate Irving? Nate Irving likes to play Pokémon. » 1/30/14 5:30pm 1/30/14 5:30pm

The Super Bowl Ends With a Safety, Says Tecmo Super Bowl

Yesterday Madden NFL 25 gave its prediction for Super Bowl Ex El Vee Eye Eye Eye, handing it to Denver, 31-28, on a field goal in overtime. Today, the guys keeping alive 1991's Tecmo Super Bowl offered their own version of events: another OT game, with Denver winning on a goddamn safety. » 1/28/14 2:10pm 1/28/14 2:10pm

Super Bowl Nerds Versus Video Game Nerds

With the Super Bowl around the corner, it seems important to put all the hype behind the big event into perspective—particularly if you think the average sports fan and video game fan have nothing in common. » 1/28/14 1:00pm 1/28/14 1:00pm

Broncos Win The Super Bowl, According To Madden

Degenerate gamblers, Madden NFL 25 says you should get your money down on the Broncos. The game predicts two Super Bowl firsts: snow, and overtime—and a 31-28 victory for Denver. » 1/27/14 12:14pm 1/27/14 12:14pm

A Guide To American Football For "Liberals, Ladies & Limeys"

The Super Bowl is coming up. It's one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Weirdly, this is in spite of the majority of people on this planet not knowing how the hell American Football is actually played. » 1/22/14 9:30pm 1/22/14 9:30pm

It's the 49ers vs. the Ravens in Call of Duty—With These Emblems

This emblem tutorial brings together two dewchuggin' classics—football and Call of Duty, enough to make any bro-gamer stand up straight and armpit fart Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. » 2/02/13 11:00am 2/02/13 11:00am

Sony's Kevin Butler Makes Brief Cameo in Super Bowl Commercial

Here's last night's split-second appearance by Jerry Lambert, the actor best known for playing mascot Kevin Butler. "Giddy-up now, Deion," Lambert says to legendary NFL cornerback Deion Sanders. Presumably later he tried to sell him a PS3. [Thanks, Rob!] » 2/06/12 5:15pm 2/06/12 5:15pm

NFL 2K5 Says New England Wins a Super Bowl Shootout

Earlier this week, the official Madden NFL 12 simulation of Super Bowl XLVI took both the underdog and the under for the first time in the past nine years, calling the New York Giants as 27-24 winners over the New England Patriots. A simulation run on dearly departed Madden nemesis NFL 2K5 returned the opposite result. » 2/03/12 9:30pm 2/03/12 9:30pm

Tebow Works Another Fourth Quarter Miracle—in Madden Bowl

His season may be over, but Tebow Time has not run out. And if last night's news about the Madden NFL 13 cover is any indication, get ready to see a lot more of the Denver quarterback during the off-season. » 2/03/12 1:30pm 2/03/12 1:30pm

Madden Bowl XVIII Kicks Off Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend Tonight

Four teams of all-star competitors, including three Heisman Trophy winners (in their video game personae, above) and two Pro Football Hall of Famers, clash tonight in the Madden Bowl, the annual pre-Super Bowl throwdown EA Sports has staged for nearly 20 years. You can watch the action on ESPN3, which means if you… » 2/02/12 6:00pm 2/02/12 6:00pm

Spoiler Alert: Giants Win Super Bowl, Says Madden

The New York Giants will claim their fourth Super Bowl title on Sunday, according to EA Sports' official Madden NFL 12 simulation, which has New York defeating New England 27-24 on a 40-yard field goal as time expires. » 1/30/12 11:00am 1/30/12 11:00am

The Angry Birds Super Bowl Code is...

13-12. Punch that in, Angry Birds fans. (Actually, go to that level). The code was hidden in the Super Bowl commercial for Rio. If you want to know how to use this precious info, watch the video below. » 2/06/11 9:58pm 2/06/11 9:58pm