Great Moments in Video Game Humor: Who's John Muir?

Who's John Muir? Do you really want to know? I could tell you, or a bunch of stuffed and mounted animal heads from the title that proved a video game based on a comic book could surpass its source material can. Hit it, Sam and Max!

Steve Purcell's Sam and Max: Freelance Police was a revelation to the young comic… » 4/16/12 4:40pm 4/16/12 4:40pm

The Best Way To Stop Game Piracy Is With Silly Pirate Heads

Video game piracy is seen by the industry as a dire problem, so much so that many PC games these days are burdened with digital rights management (or DRM) systems. They suck. Pirate heads are way better. » 1/25/11 12:00am 1/25/11 12:00am

You Draw Like A Dairy Farmer

Here's something to shiver the timbers of Monkey Island fans the seven seas over: a poster, available for sale, drawn by Lucasarts fan favourite (and Sam & Max creator) Steve Purcell. » 9/18/09 10:20pm 9/18/09 10:20pm