This is Why Everyone Was Hating on Steel Battalion Today

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "Geez, Evan, you sure made Steel Battalion sound like a terrible experience in your review today." Damn right I did and deservedly so, might I add. And it wasn't just me. Over at Polygon, Justin McElroy rounds up a few other game critics who related just how unplayable this Kinect… »6/19/12 9:30pm6/19/12 9:30pm

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Is The Hardest-Core Kinect Game Yet

Holy crap, this tank is taking fire from all sides, I can't see anything, I need to vent out the smoke but one of my crew members just got shot and we can't stay still for too long or enemy soldiers will climb in and kill us, and I can't reach the vent button, and the window just cracked, so now I'm flying blind,… »3/05/12 2:00pm3/05/12 2:00pm