State of Decay Still En Route To PC, Though Who Knows When

I first watched Chris playing the enjoyable-looking (and hugely popular) Xbox 360 zombie survival game State of Decay, I've wanted to dive in and play it. But I've also wanted to wait for it to come to PC. Good news, then: The game is certainly going to arrive on Steam, though it's still not clear when. » 6/18/13 8:00pm 6/18/13 8:00pm

It's An RPG... And An RTS... And A Zombie Survival Game

This is State of Decay, a new Microsoft-published Xbox Live Arcade game that might be one of the most ambitious digital titles I've ever seen. It's an RPG, and also an RTS, and also a zombie survival game, and also a simulator, and if you're confused by all this, I know exactly how you feel. You can watch some video… » 3/25/13 7:30pm 3/25/13 7:30pm