Exploring the Shrine That Inspired Star Fox

In a recent “Developer Story” video from E3 2015, famed gaming creator Shigeru Miyamoto explained how the concept for the well-known Star Fox series spawned from his love of a local shrine in his native Kyoto. While Kyoto is famously home to thousands of ancient Japanese shrines, the one that inspired a young Miyamoto… »7/10/15 7:00am7/10/15 7:00am

What Nintendo's E3 Would Have Been Like In Tomodachi Life

Last week in my review, I described Tomodachi Life as "a bizarre, alternate universe where everybody had giant heads and spoke in ghostly robotic warbles." If that's not weird enough as it is (and it's already pretty weird), imagine a veritable chorus of Nintendo developers chirping and prancing about in Mii form to… »6/25/14 6:30pm6/25/14 6:30pm