Sins Publisher Accuses Former Employee of Deleting Everything Before She Quit

Sometimes when you leave a job, it's mutual, and everything's cool! Other times, you may want to feel the need to punch out with a little "fuck you" scrawled on your former place of employ. That can be fine, sometimes, but there are limits. And Stardock, the publisher of Sins of a Solar Empire, are accusing a former… »8/15/12 11:00pm8/15/12 11:00pm

Is Windows 8 the Biggest Threat to the Future of PC Gaming?

Stardock is now best known s the publisher of the Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental franchises, after selling online distribution service Impulse last year. They have just released their annual customer report, talking not only about their experiences in 2011 but also looking into the crystal ball of PC gaming in… »3/21/12 4:00pm3/21/12 4:00pm