Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Returns To Sell You An iPad

It's the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest Star Wars video games ever made, and BioWare has teamed up with Aspyr Media to bring Knights of the Old Republic to the iPad, a gift to the series' devoted fans. Well, a gift to the series' most devoted fans who also own an iPad — the rest of them may have just been… »5/30/13 1:00pm5/30/13 1:00pm

Contest: Write Force-ful Dialogue for This Star Wars: The Old Republic Comic and Win The First Issue Free

BioWare's new Star Wars MMO covers a lot of ground when it comes the pre-history of Luke Skywalker's universe. But, even with all the gameplay and dialogue in The Old Republic, there' s still lots of stories to be told about the conflicts between Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians and The Republic of the old. »1/11/12 3:00pm1/11/12 3:00pm