Minecraft's Ending Makes for a Lovely Song

When you're deluged with in-game recreations of basketball, the first 15 minutes of Star Wars, and a giant Golden Toilet, in can be tough to remember that Minecraft is a game with a conclusion. Someone's adapted a song from what happens after that conclusion—which I guess means this video should carry a spoiler alert. » 8/03/13 2:30pm 8/03/13 2:30pm

BioShock Infinite's First Five Minutes Feel Very Familiar, Very Awesome

If you don't want to know how to get to Columbia, then watch no part of this video, which Irrational Games released just this morning. It's the opening to BioShock Infinite, a mostly cinematic sequence that is plainly an homage to the opening of the original BioShock, which we've included below if you want to refresh… » 12/19/12 8:26am 12/19/12 8:26am

This Gallery Contains Spoilers and It Concerns Mass Effect

Today saw the leak of a batch of screenshots pertaining to Mass Effect's day-one DLC "From Ashes," which caused so much of a fury when it inadvertently hit Xbox Live early, and its summary paragraph tossed out spoiler details pertaining to the story. » 2/25/12 2:00pm 2/25/12 2:00pm

How To Find Three Of Portal 2's Best Secrets

Have you already finished Portal 2? If not, maybe you shouldn't watch this video, which shows you how to dig up three of the game's Easter Eggs, because at least one of them is seriously spoileriffic. In fact, you better stop reading right now, because we're going to explain what buried treasures are featured in this… » 4/20/11 3:00pm 4/20/11 3:00pm

Is This The Year's Most Liberal Video Game?

Sure, video games let us shoot at Fidel Castro and play as former Presidents, but where's the game that attacks our favorite conservative Supreme Court Justices? If you don't mind spoilers or hate the Citizens United decision, keep reading. » 11/18/10 5:00pm 11/18/10 5:00pm

Call of Duty: Black Ops Achievement 'Leak' Is Spoiler City

The next big Call of Duty game has just had much of its single-player game spoiled, thanks to an early look at the shooter's list of achievements and trophies. What do Black Ops' achievements tell us about Treyarch's war game? » 9/30/10 5:40pm 9/30/10 5:40pm