Why SoulCalibur V Only Had One-Fourth of a Full Story Mode

Seeing where the plotlines for your favorite characters go. The shiny CGI ending sequences. These have traditionally been the reasons a person slogs through the cheap-ass boss fights in the story mode of a 3D fighting game. SoulCalibur V gave you neither and many fans of Namo's fighting franchise—including me—were… »3/30/12 2:00pm3/30/12 2:00pm


Soulcalibur V's Next Costume Offerings Includes a Pac-Man Cameo (Sort Of)

Pac-Man is having a hell of a career second act in fighting games. Of course, he is one of the free characters in Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation 3. Now it looks like he'll be included—as some kind of bizarre head-thing—in Soulcalibur V's next batch of monthly costume DLC. See for yourself at 1:02 in that… »3/18/12 6:00pm3/18/12 6:00pm

Watch Princess Zelda Beat Up Link In SoulCalibur V

Hey, look! It's Link—who starred in the GameCube version of SoulCalibur II—making a triumphant return to the Stage of History along with that girl he's always having to rescue. The folks at NowGamercrafted Nintendo's iconic maiden-and-warrior pair with the character creator in Namco's just-released fighting game,… »2/02/12 11:30am2/02/12 11:30am

Soulcalibur V's Character Creator Is Capable of Terrible, Beautiful Things

When the editor-in-chief here asked me to do a video showcasing two of my beloved characters created on Soulcalibur V's character creator, I was elated. I consider myself a connoisseur of character creation and customization, often spending way too much time than any person should on creating the most bizarre and… »1/31/12 6:00pm1/31/12 6:00pm

I Just Ordered SoulCalibur V From Amazon and a Tiny Part of Me Died

Though hundreds of thousands of gamers swear by Amazon.com when it comes to ordering new releases or old favorites, I've never once ordered a video game from the popular online marketplace. Despite the allure of free launch day delivery and bonus credit, I've limited my game spending to local retailers. I didn't… »1/30/12 5:00pm1/30/12 5:00pm