The Number Of Pirates Arrested In Japan Since October Might Surprise You

Well, it's been 3 months since Japan's own version of SOPA was passed. For those unfamiliar or cannot be bothered to research: in October, the copying of copy-protected and encoded materials, the sale of software and hardware that circumvents copy or access protection, and the intentional download of illegally… »1/17/13 7:00am1/17/13 7:00am

Congressional Vote on PIPA Gets Delayed, Meaning Controversial Bill May Not Become Law

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced in a tweet today that he's postponing the voting on the controversial Protect IP Act—better known as PIPA—according to Ars Technica. This delay comes days after a massive internet blackout protest and mobilization of thousands of voters contacting Congress to register their… »1/20/12 10:15am1/20/12 10:15am

More Senators Abandon PIPA, But Lead Author Says Blackout Sites Wouldn't Have Been Affected

Support for PIPA, the Senate version of the notorious Stop Online Piracy Act, is dwindling faster than most media outlets can keep up with them. If you woke up to an article today that reported that X number of Senators have dropped their support for the Protect IP Act, you can assume they under-counted. »1/19/12 12:00pm1/19/12 12:00pm

Gaming Industry Spent As Much As $190,000 Pushing for Senate Version of SOPA Last Spring and Summer

Many gamers and video game companies can't stand the Stop Online Piracy Act and its companion bill the Protect IP Act (PIPA). But the Entertainment Software Association, the lobbyists who stage E3 each year and defend gaming's freedom of speech rights, thinks PIPA is a good idea. »1/16/12 1:30pm1/16/12 1:30pm

PC Game Cancels E3 Appearance as SOPA Protest, Shutting Down Beta for 24 Hours

You may have noticed a few websites around the place pledge to "shut down" on January 18 in protest against the awful Stop Online Piracy Act. That's all well and good, but now Red 5 Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Firefall, are doing it as well. Thing is, they're shutting down their video game. »1/13/12 1:20am1/13/12 1:20am