Resident Evil: Retribution: The Kotaku Movie Review

Here's a not-so-big secret: most Hollywood adaptations of video games are not very good. Why? The reasons are numerous, but the most obvious one is that they're totally different mediums, and so much is lost in translation. The end result is usually something that leaves neither fans of the games nor those who simply… »9/14/12 4:30pm9/14/12 4:30pm

Embargo Breaking and You: The New Yorker Takes On Sony Pictures

Those following the world of cinema today are most likely aware of a slap-fight that broke out between Sony Pictures and New Yorker film critic David Denby, who broke the agreed-upon embargo for his review of the highly anticipated film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. He and other critics were allowed to view the… »12/05/11 10:00pm12/05/11 10:00pm