Overwolf Adds Facebook, YouTube, and More to Your Favorite Games

Windows: If you've ever played a full-screen game and wished you could open a browser or respond to an IM without tabbing out, Overwolf is the utility for you. The app adds useful tools so you can look up strategies, chat with friends, control your music, and more, all without leaving the game. »5/31/13 9:28am5/31/13 9:28am

Feed Starving Children and Build Them a Place to Play in Safari Challenge

Launched this week by Desert River Games, Safari Challenge is an example of the sort of Facebook games I admire the most, one that harnesses the actions of gamers sitting at computers in their comfortable homes to create a living charity engine. I feel much better building a virtual village when I know my lazy… »1/22/13 5:55pm1/22/13 5:55pm

EA Pulling Dragon Age: Legends from Facebook and Google+ on June 18th

EA hasn't been shy about blatantly saying that they're going to extend their big games across as many platforms as possible. The recent example Mass Effect Infiltrator on iOS—which links back to the console game via the mega-publisher's Origin online service—shows how EA probably wants this kind of thing to work in… »5/21/12 11:00am5/21/12 11:00am

The PS Vita is a Social Beast That Will Entangle Us All in Its Loving Tentacles

What the latest Inside PS Vita is trying to say is that by purchasing a Vita you're becoming a member of a global gaming community connected by glowing threads of gaming-infused light, wrapping about you like a brilliant cocoon in which you'll never feel lonely ever again. I might be reading a bit much into it. »2/06/12 8:30am2/06/12 8:30am