Sly Cooper 4 Won’t Be Having Any Wardrobe Malfunctions with These Clever Costume Changes

You know, I never realized how much I missed Sly Cooper until I recently laid hands on an in-development build of the master thief's upcoming game. There's a particular charm in how the larcenous raccoon created by Sucker Punch manages to combine stealth, humor and platforming into an attractive whole. I mean, I… »4/18/12 9:00am4/18/12 9:00am

Sly Cooper Collection, de Blob 2, Scene It New This Week on the PlayStation Store

After last week's big fall sale, this week's PlayStation Store update is a bit more chilled out. A full-game download of Sly Cooper Collection is now available for $29.99, or you can download any of the three Sly Cooper games included in the collection for $9.99 each. Gonna have to play one of those, finally. »11/29/11 9:30pm11/29/11 9:30pm