Watch The Slender: The Arrival Beta In Action... If You Dare

Slender: The Eight Pages was one of the more beguiling successes of last year—a weird, super low-rent thriller that combined the popular Slenderman mythos with simple jump-scare design. Its stripped-down look and basic design were part of the appeal. » 2/11/13 7:00pm 2/11/13 7:00pm

Valve Blocks 'Slenderman' Game From Steam Due To Copyright Concerns

See here, the official teaser for Faceless, a game previously known as Slender: Source. It's got a complicated lineage: inspired by another game which was in turn inspired by an internet meme. » 11/14/12 7:00pm 11/14/12 7:00pm

Don't Waste Your Dollar On This Half-Baked iPhone Slender Ripoff

Ever since the breakout success of the stripped-down horror game Slender: The Eight Pages, we've been seeing Slenderman-related stuff cropping up in every corner of the internet. So I wasn't that surprised to fire up the app store today only to see a game called "Slenderman" in the #2 spot of the top 10 paid apps. » 10/01/12 9:00pm 10/01/12 9:00pm

Slender Is Getting A Sequel With Better Graphics, More Scares

By now, most folks know about Slender: The Eight Pages. The crude yet terrifying indie game has become something of an internet sensation over the last couple of months, scaring the pants off of countless thousands around the world. » 9/20/12 9:34pm 9/20/12 9:34pm

Slender: The Eight Pages: Short, Crude, And One Of The Scariest Games…

It's been two months since the internet first laid eyes on Parsec Productions' splendidly scary free horror game Slender. In that time, we've seen all manner of Slender-related internet fallout. » 9/10/12 9:30pm 9/10/12 9:30pm

That Time The Slenderman Turned Up In A Skrillex Video

Slenderman, that terrifying faceless ghoul in a suit, has been around for a good long while before that stripped-down, scary video game » 8/09/12 8:30pm 8/09/12 8:30pm hopped into the public eye. He's a going back years, and he's turned up everywhere from the to.. well, to a Skrillex video from last year.

There's A Multiplayer Source-Engine 'Slenderman' Game In The Works

Are you a fan of the creepy 'Slenderman' game Slender, but maybe you wish it looked a bit better? Perhaps the game would be better in Valve's Source Engine, no? » 7/26/12 6:00pm 7/26/12 6:00pm

Watching These People Play The 'Slenderman' Game Is Almost Scarier Than…

There's something special about watching someone else play a horror game. Particularly one you've already played. It's the mark of a truly scary game—once it catches on, there follows a growing number of videos of people playing, and being freaked out by, the game. It became popular with Amnesia: Dark Descent—I… » 7/23/12 2:00pm 7/23/12 2:00pm