There Are Skylanders In This Official Disney Infinity Video. [Update]

Disney Infinity is not a Skylanders clone, but that doesn't mean the Disney title wasn't inspired by Activision's toy-meets-game success story. Heck, three Skylanders toys even showed up for this Disney Infinity "Designing the Figures" video. Update — The video has been removed from the Disney Infinity YouTube… »8/07/13 7:40pm8/07/13 7:40pm


Ungrateful Toy Fair-goers Already Hawking Exclusive Skylanders on eBay

Well, this doesn't look tacky or anything. Skylanders has been giving out exclusive Toy Fair figurines to attendees of the show itself and a couple of preview events last week. Said attendees are not civilians, as Toy Fair is a closed, industry event. But, knowing the demand for these suckers, a bunch have been listed… »2/11/13 2:30pm2/11/13 2:30pm

My Favorite New Skylander is the Most Human. Also, She Throws Narwhals.

Once the sworn protector of the SnowQueen, Chill lost her charge to the Cyclopean forces and has been attempting to atone for her failure ever since. She is a pink-skinned humanoid awash in a world of colorful creatures and towering giants. I identify with her. Her fragility. Her humanity. Her ability to toss horned… »8/15/12 9:30am8/15/12 9:30am

The Newest Skylander is a Giant Bee, and They Didn't Name Him Bee-Hemoth

Dear Toys for Bob, I know you folks are really good at making toys. I'm sure this Bob guy is completely overjoyed. Your Skylanders game wasn't too shabby, and I'm really looking forward to the follow-up, Skylanders Giants. I love your work, but you really need to leave the character naming to the people most… »7/25/12 8:00pm7/25/12 8:00pm

Here's How Giants Will Fit Into The Next Skylanders Game

As you might have guessed from the screenshots, trailers, or your ability to read words, Activision's upcoming Skylanders Giants will feature a set of new figures called Giants. You'll be able to collect up to eight of the hulking creatures, which are twice the size of normal Skylander action figures both in-game and… »2/07/12 5:00pm2/07/12 5:00pm

This Skylanders Giants Trailer Teases a Tiny Bit of Gameplay

Most of this buzz clip that accompanied today's Skylanders Giants announcement is Activision beating its brawny chest about the success of their new toy-and-video-game franchise. But, you'll see a snippet of gameplay featuring new larger-than-normal character Tree Rex towards the end of the video. He's doing big… »2/07/12 12:15pm2/07/12 12:15pm