Modern Warfare 3 is 'An Un-Game With a Core of Nastiness'

I've just this minute finished the single-player campaign for Modern Warfare 3. It leaves a very bitter taste at its climax. But perhaps not the same bitter taste that flavours it throughout. It is an enormously high-achieving action FPS, on a scale like nothing before it, turned to 11. And it's a bloodthirsty,… » 11/22/11 6:00pm 11/22/11 6:00pm

Who Needs Co-op? Here's the First Few Minutes of Shank 2's Single-Player

Inspired as it is by 1980s action-movie tropes, you can probably guess the plot of Shank 2's story mode. If your guess involves the hero renouncing his violent ways and trying to embrace a quieter existence, only to have his old life come back to wreak havoc in his new one, then you get a prize. » 10/13/11 3:40pm 10/13/11 3:40pm

Look, Single-Player People Are Just Better

I'm not denying this is territory I've covered before. There's no disguising that I'm a fan of single-playing gaming over multiplayer. Finally it's time to just say it. We need to stop avoiding the matter, stop not saying what everyone's thinking. I'm the man brave enough to do this. I am a valiant man, and maybe I… » 8/02/11 10:00pm 8/02/11 10:00pm

Learning from Go: Single Player Game Design

Jason Rohrer's 'Game Design Sketchbook' has an interesting meditation up on the nature of single player game mechanics — a lot of the achingly simple, but endlessly challenging board games that Rohrer points to require a minimum of two players. Rohrer's question is how to make a single player game that doesn't rely… » 8/10/08 4:30pm 8/10/08 4:30pm