The Top Ten Xbox 360 Games in Japan (That Were Never Released There)

Multi-national releases are a difficult process. Not only are there linguistic and cultural barriers to overcome, but very often content or simple monetary reasons can keep a game from entering one country or another. Even so, some games are desired despite their limited availability no matter where you are. That… »5/17/12 7:30am5/17/12 7:30am


New Silent Hill: Homecoming Screens Could Very Well Be New

When we say "new," sometimes we mean "new?" because we've definitely seen some of these screen shots of Silent Hill: Homecoming »9/08/08 10:00pm9/08/08 10:00pm before. It's not just because of the protagonist's penchant for , but because we know without a doubt that , at the very least, was released prior to September. Fortunately, Konami has broken…

Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands On With The Pipemaster

While Fahey only went rods and cones on with Silent Hill: Homecoming at E3, I got to spend a few minutes with the Double Helix developed horror game, most of which was spent wrapping my head around the game's new control scheme. After some initial fumbling, which led protagonist Alex Shepherd bumping into walls and… »7/21/08 3:40pm7/21/08 3:40pm

Silent Hill Homecoming Footage Is Fit Like Ox, Strong Like Tractor

Some SIlent Hill Homecoming gameplay footage. To head your whining off at the pass: yes, the graphics look like a PS2 on a bad day, but this is supposedly taken from very early code. Yes, there's a narrator. Guy's from a Russian mag, Igromania. So he's speaking Russian. Just enjoy the fact you get double the… »7/07/08 9:20am7/07/08 9:20am

New Silent Hill V Screens Get At Least Two Things Right

Konami has released a batch of new screens from the game formerly known as Silent Hill V currently under development from the team formerly known as The Collective. Yes, your reservations are well warranted about the game, but if all the tender loving care spent lighting and texturing those zombie nurse racks is… »5/21/08 7:40pm5/21/08 7:40pm