One of the Worst-Rated Game Franchises of All Time Gets a Wii U Sequel

There are currently four games in the Game Party series of mini-game collections. The combined Metacritic average for these four games is 31. So why the hell is Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releasing Game Party Champions for the Wii U? » 8/09/12 8:30am 8/09/12 8:30am

Kinect Marketer: We Don't Want Shovelware — Nor Even Call of Duty

Microsoft's director of platform marketing says he knows Kinect "will have fewer games than our competitors," but that's fine. "We don't want shovelware, we don't want ports, we don't want stuff with motion controls tacked onto it." » 6/27/10 1:00pm 6/27/10 1:00pm

Activision Hastily Tosses Together Fun4All Wii Label

Activision UK has had a smashing idea, cobbling together a half-dozen Wii games that "the whole family can enjoy!" then slapping on the Fun4All label. Sound familiar? The North American Activision recently did the same. » 2/10/09 3:40pm 2/10/09 3:40pm

Was 2008 The Year of the Horse?

While future gaming historians will largely point to 2008 as the year the Wii shattered sales records and Wii Fit ushered in a physically fit future, we'll remember it as the year of the horse. » 12/17/08 4:40pm 12/17/08 4:40pm

Columnist: Ninty Gets Some Blame For Crappy Wii Titles, Too

So Reggie Fils-Aime popped off to Forbes this past week » 11/22/08 9:00pm 11/22/08 9:00pm, saying developers should shoulder the blame for the shovelware rep richly earned by the Wii games lineup. Many third-party publishers don't get the Wii audience, Reggie said, and finger-pointed at publishers' reluctance to bring games that have done well on…

Nazis + Tibet + Zombies = UberSoldier

World War II? Stick a fork in it. It's done. Was done by 2006. Hell, it was done by 2004. But nobody tell Burut Creative, OK? Otherwise they might cancel this cracker of a project. And I promise you. This plot summary is real. » 5/28/08 5:30am 5/28/08 5:30am