Grand Theft Auto President Buys A Church Because Why Not

St. Stephens Church in Edinburgh is nearly 200 years old, and until recently was in danger of being sold off and turned into "private flats or a bar-
restaurant complex". Enter Leslie Benzies, president of Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar North. » 6/29/14 11:30pm 6/29/14 11:30pm

Real Scottish Town Is In GTA V, Absolutely Hates It

The main Grand Theft Auto games are developed, for the most part, in Scotland. So it shouldn't surprise you too much to know that a district in GTA V - Hawick - is named after a small Scottish town. It sure surprised Hawick, though. » 9/19/13 2:00am 9/19/13 2:00am

Police Blotter: Sorry I Slashed Your Throat, Bro

Crime is a constant feature of video games writing. Somewhere, someone is doing something illicit with them—sometimes comically stupid, sometimes tragic. Games and consoles are currency, objects of dispute, sometimes even weapons themselves. Kotaku's Police Blotter is here to round up the latest in games crime. » 6/02/13 3:00pm 6/02/13 3:00pm

Throat-Slashing Blamed on a Gears of War Relationship Gone Bad

A 14-year-old admitted to slashing a 13-year-old's throat in an assault Scottish authorities blamed on a soured online friendship developed over Gears of War. Of course the game itself is blamed but when the 14-year-old already is a father, you're not talking about someone with good decision-making and impulse control. » 5/04/13 11:00am 5/04/13 11:00am

Paralyzed Gamer Soldiers On in Modern Warfare 2

Iain Hanson, a 19-year-old from Scotland, broke his neck in a bouncy castle amusement four years ago, losing all function in his fingers. Still he plays Modern Warfare2 on the PS3 - better than I can, for sure. » 6/04/10 10:30pm 6/04/10 10:30pm

Report: Home Finally Leaving Beta, "Is Not S**t"

Kirk Ewing, from PlayStation Home developer Veemee (who make virtual spaces and items), reckons Sony's underwhelming virtual network service will be emerging from its long-running beta at the end of this year. » 5/27/10 8:00am 5/27/10 8:00am

Sonic Mural Is The Stuff Of Dreams/Nightmares

This Sonic mural is the work of Edinburgh-based artist John Arnott. It covers all four walls of these kid's bedroom, and at first glance, is the stuff of childhood dreams. » 1/27/10 8:00am 1/27/10 8:00am

Wife or Six-Foot Orc Statue? Warcraft Fan Forced to Choose

The Scottish Sun - "Scottish Newspaper of the Year" mind you - reports that a woman gave her 42-year-old husband an ultimatum: Ditch that six-foot-tall World of Warcraft orc statue, or I move to Canada. Who did he choose? » 1/05/10 6:30pm 1/05/10 6:30pm

Drunk Scot Woman Stabs Teen in Xbox Argument

Whoa, whoa, whoa, lady. When I said, "try safe, effective, fast-acting kick his ass," for video game-playing kids who won't listen, I did not mean "ventilate his abdomen with a kitchen knife." » 12/23/09 7:00pm 12/23/09 7:00pm

Capcom's Flock! Claims Major Award

Scotland's Proper Games took home honors at for BAFTA Scotland, claiming the first award in the board's games category for Flock!, the downloadable title published by Capcom this spring. » 11/09/09 10:40pm 11/09/09 10:40pm

Former Crackdown Devs A Little Upset Over Current Crackdown 2 Devs

The original Crackdown was developed by Realtime Worlds. At the moment, they're busy with APB, so another developer, Ruffian, will be working on the sequel. Does that surprise you? It surprises Realtime. » 6/17/09 9:00am 6/17/09 9:00am

Former Guantanamo Inmate Helping With Guantanamo Game

Moazzam Begg, a British citizen, was arrested in January of 2002 as an alleged terrorist. He was held for three years in Guantanamo Bay, before being released in 2005. Now he's helping make a game. » 5/27/09 8:30am 5/27/09 8:30am

Activision Supports Scottish Weasel Mating

In a bit of marketing that could theoretically bite someone at Activision in the ass, the company is promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the UK by backing giant weasel mating. » 5/01/09 2:00pm 5/01/09 2:00pm

Say Hello To Ruffian Games

Sure, their cover was blown the other week when those Crackdown 2 rumours popped up, but that was an unofficial unveiling. Tonight, Ruffian Games have officially unveiled themselves. Hello, Ruffian Games! » 1/20/09 7:30am 1/20/09 7:30am