Far Cry Could Be A Great Horror Game

Far Cry 4 can be a very silly game. It's hard to keep a straight face when playing anything with exploding animals launching every which way. But that's not all Far Cry is. Placed in the right hands, the shooter can be downright terrifying. » 12/23/14 4:10pm 12/23/14 4:10pm

Horror Games Aren't The Scariest Games

I don't find horror games anywhere near as scary as the very real terrifying things that just kind of... happen in some video games. I mean, have you seen Skyrim's living mannequin glitch? Heard the legend of Minecraft's Herobrine? Stuff is messed up. » 10/31/14 10:00pm 10/31/14 10:00pm

Grand Theft Auto's Unexplained Myths

Every GTA hides secrets—rare and strange occurrences that would be right at home inside an episode of The X-Files. Some of them are scripted. Some aren't. All of them end up logged and documented by players. » 10/22/14 7:30pm 10/22/14 7:30pm

"I Was Terrified:" The World's Tallest Waterslide's Engineer Fesses Up

The world's tallest water slide is located at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, and also in my nightmares. It's called Verrückt—which means "insane" in German—with good reason: At 168 feet and 7 inches, it's taller than the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, and 23 Shaquille O'Neals stacked on top of each… » 7/08/14 11:00am 7/08/14 11:00am

Incredible new video of Felix Baumgartner's space jump

You've seen Felix Baumgartner's harrowing jump from 128,1000 feet above Earth's surface, but you haven't seen it like this. This new exhilarating video shows you what it was like from Felix's point of view with perfect clarity. » 1/31/14 9:19am 1/31/14 9:19am

It's Like Amnesia And Aliens Had A Hideous Baby

Come wander the dark, flickering hallways of Upsilon, the first environment video from Soma, the sci-fi horror game from the makers of Amnesia. » 12/12/13 11:40am 12/12/13 11:40am

Just in case Gone Home wasn't scary enough already: check out this disturbing rendition of the game's audiologs by Orthogonalus. Jeeze, I dunno that I could handle a whole game like this! » 8/22/13 10:30pm 8/22/13 10:30pm

Jumping Into A Dark Cave Is Terrifying, Even In A Minecraft Animation

Thinking about bungee jumping into an open air pit cave-like the Cave of Swallows—is already horrific. But this really well-made slow-motion Minecraft animation, recently shared on Animationcraft's YouTube channel, makes the idea a lot scarier. » 3/14/13 9:20am 3/14/13 9:20am

The Scariest Clowns And Jesters In Video Games

One of the most villainous ways to raise the fear level in a game is to throw in a psycho clown. That clown is hides behind his stupid fake smile, searching for a way to earn your trust. » 3/01/13 7:30pm 3/01/13 7:30pm

Welcome To A House Of Horrors (I Don’t Think This Is How You’re…

So, I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a bit of an Animal Crossing addict » 12/06/12 6:00am 12/06/12 6:00am. The game continues to be a smash hit in Japan. So much so that even now, almost a month after its initial release, most stores are still sold out with only the download version available. Players clock into their villages every day to…

He Screams at Gaming's Most Terrifying Moments So You Can Laugh

YouTube entertainer PewDiePie likes to record himself doing scary things, like playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent » 2/27/12 12:20pm 2/27/12 12:20pm or the . His reactions are glorious moments of pure panic. It's like having a surrogate pants-pisser.

Take This Lollipop… If You Dare

Are you ready for Halloween? Have you gotten scared by anything recently? Perhaps a little creeped out that somewhere in the dark corners of your neighborhood, there sits a silent stalker in a white, blank mask, waiting… waiting… waiting for you to be alone? » 10/28/11 6:40pm 10/28/11 6:40pm

A Compendium of Freaked-Out Reactions to Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Ordinarily, you toss a video like this on YouTube, and every comment shouts it down as fake. But anyone who's played indie horror hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent knows this guy's skin-crawling, pupil-dilating, sphincter-clenching, headphone-grabbing reactions are on the level. » 4/14/11 7:30pm 4/14/11 7:30pm

The Haunting Of A Majora's Mask Cartridge

So there was this guy, and he bought a Majora's Mask cartridge from a creepy old guy, and it had wicked scary glitches in it, like Link would burst into flame while the Song of Healing played backward, and ... » 9/11/10 2:00pm 9/11/10 2:00pm

Is This Prince Of Persia Actress Sexy Enough For Her Role?

She's played a Bond girl and a nymph who beguiled the gods, but someone out there thinks British actress Gemma Arterton might not be sexy enough for her role as the renamed Farah in next month's Prince of Persia movie. » 4/20/10 5:20pm 4/20/10 5:20pm

A Real Mario Is A Terrifying Mario

A man calls the plumbing company to complain about the two plumbers sent to fix his pipes, who instead go on a relatively subdued drug-fueled rampage in this College Humor video. » 12/29/09 3:20pm 12/29/09 3:20pm

Record Sales For Scary Games, Reuters Dates Dead Space 2

News source Reuters says scary video games are having "a record year as zombies, monsters, demons, and chain-sawing wielding psychos fight against the consoles, making video games the new home of horror for some." » 10/30/09 7:00am 10/30/09 7:00am