R2-D2 Lives In A Honda Element In Irvine, California

In a few years, when those new Star Wars movies come out, I'm looking forward to taking my son. Because I want to hear his conversations with his friends as he tells them he's been to R2-D2s house. In Irvine. Nice place, very clean. Where he lives with another droid, and drives in a cleverly modded Honda Element. » 7/08/14 12:31pm 7/08/14 12:31pm

Japanese Textbook Gives Sega The Cold Shoulder

Sega. Founded in 1940, the company has come a long way from its origins as a jukebox and slot machine maintenance firm » 12/13/12 7:00am 12/13/12 7:00am. Until the boom of the PlayStation console, Sega stood alongside Nintendo as one of the Big Two video game console manufacturers. Long after its retreat from the console market back in 2001, Sega…

The Smithsonian Has Picked the Games of Its Art of Video Games Exhibit

The Smithsonian American Art Museum revealed the winners of its public vote to decide what games will be featured in their exhibit, The Art of Video Games, today. The exhibit creates a visual history of the evolution of gaming from its humble beginnings through the present. The vote, which took place between February… » 5/05/11 3:20pm 5/05/11 3:20pm