Upcoming Saint Seiya Fighting Game Gets A Shiny But Confusing Trailer

This here is Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers. The game will cover three story arcs from Masami Kurumada's original Saint Seiya manga while also featuring over fifty playable characters. Bonus points if you can actually tell what's going on in that trailer (I couldn't). Brave Soldiers is coming to the PS3 in November. »7/30/13 6:40am7/30/13 6:40am

Another Indecent Cosplay Gives Birth to Another Internet Celebrity

As in the past, this year's China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai saw regulations to crack down on skimpy outfits. Apparently, Li Ling either didn't get the memo or she ripped it up entirely.

Li Ling appeared at China Joy last year, but didn't make much of an impression. This year, however, she did. Finally making a name… »7/27/12 5:30am7/27/12 5:30am