Ubisoft's Got A Ton Of Interesting New Games Coming Out

The Internet let it slip early, but Ubisoft is working on a ton of games for both the near and not-so-near future. Like, more games than we knew of just before last week. And what do you know, Kirk Hamilton has seen and reported on a bunch of those for us already. You can read all about what interesting new games you… » 9/10/13 11:30am 9/10/13 11:30am

What Are Zaxxon and Breakout Doing in The Week in Gaming Apps?

Each week dozens of new gaming apps are released across the various mobile platforms, imaginative original works trying to build a name for themselves in a crowded market. I'm not saying Zaxxon Escape and Super Bunny Breakout aren't fresh and entertaining—they've just got a bit of an unfair advantage. » 10/12/12 5:30pm 10/12/12 5:30pm