Rock Revolution For Wii: Air Drumming/Guitaring Isn't Very Fun

Oh boy, Rock Revolution for the Wii. With Guitar Hero and Rock Band solidifying the upper echelon of music console gaming, and with Wii Music looking more like it's geared toward a much younger audience, where does Konami's new game fit? Well, right in the middle, in fact. But in this case, I'm not so sure that's… »9/14/08 8:30pm9/14/08 8:30pm

MTV Calls Konami's Rock Band Lawsuit "Surprising", "Baseless Litigation"

Last night, word broke that Konami, publisher and developer of trailblazing rhythm games Guitar Freaks and Drummania, was suing Harmonix. The Japanese company claimed that the developer of Rock Band was in violation of three patents held by Konami, seeking damages (read: cash) and demanding that Harmonix and parent… »7/11/08 7:40pm7/11/08 7:40pm

Konami: All Music Game Instruments Should Be Compatible

My frizzy-haired colleague Patrick Klepek may be hanging out with his brother on the Warped Tour right now, but he also managed to break down the competition between all the major music-based video games for MTV News today. It's always a tricky topic for us because some people assume we're biased. Trust me, we steer… »6/24/08 12:00pm6/24/08 12:00pm