The Factory That Makes The iPhone 5 Is Under Attack by Its Own Workers [Update]

Foxconn, the company best known for suicidal workers, terrible working conditions, and building anything and everything Apple, had to shut down one its assembly plants today because of a supposed riot that took place late Sunday night.

According to a quote from Foxconn via Chinese web portal, the plant was… »9/24/12 6:00am9/24/12 6:00am


Around the Corner From PAX, May Day Rioters Are Smashing Windows

Protesters around the world are commemorating today's May Day with rallies in support of workers and against the economic and political powers that be. Much of this has been peaceful or at least standard Occupy-style protest-and-arrest, but in Seattle, in the same downtown area where tens of thousands of gamers gather… »5/01/12 6:45pm5/01/12 6:45pm

EVE Online Virtual Goods Dispute Ends Peacefully Following Trip to Iceland

Last week the universal community of EVE Online exploded into rage over the release of high-priced virtual goods and a leaked internal memo that suggested developer CCP planned to monetize the hell out of everything they could put a price tag on in the popular space MMO. Thanks to a brilliant plan that involved… »7/05/11 1:40pm7/05/11 1:40pm