Titanfall Was Almost Destroyed By Lawsuits

Before Titanfall was Titanfall, the mech-heavy shooter went through years of development hell. Crippled by a complicated lawsuit back in 2010, the folks behind the newly-formed studio Respawn Entertainment worried for a long time that they might never actually make a game. » 4/16/14 1:00pm Yesterday 1:00pm

Titanfall Is Getting Private Matches

It's a general rule that most constantly-connnected competitive shooters will evolve and change a whole lot in their lifetimes. Titanfall's the newest king of the hill in FPSland and the hit game is no exception. There's a new patch inbound for the hit game and it's reconfiguring a lot of stuff. Among other things,… » 4/10/14 12:45pm 4/10/14 12:45pm

​Catch A Glimpse of Titanfall's Expensive Live-Action Series

Usually, you have to wait months, years or decades before someone decides to pour blood, sweat and tears to make a filmed adaptation of a video game. Not with Titanfall. Work's already underway on an effect-heavy series set in the world of Respawn's mech-happy future. Looks pretty damn spiffy, if you ask me. » 3/11/14 12:30am 3/11/14 12:30am

Titanfall Server Problems Keeping Many From Playing, Microsoft Fixing…

Some Microsoft-run beta servers for the multiplayer-only, always-online game Titanfall have been down (or not working in some way) for at least three hours and counting on this, the first day of widespread access to the beta for the much-anticipated marquee next-gen first-person shooter. This, perhaps, is what betas… » 2/14/14 8:51pm 2/14/14 8:51pm

20-Minute Titanfall Presentation Shows Off Xbox One's Sleekest Game

There might not be any new footage in this recent presentation of Respawn's Titanfall, but it's a fun video nonetheless—20 minutes of concept art, gameplay, and discussion about the upcoming shooter, presented by Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe at the EB Games Expo in Australia this weekend. » 10/05/13 9:10pm 10/05/13 9:10pm