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​Catch A Glimpse of Titanfall's Expensive Live-Action Series

Usually, you have to wait months, years or decades before someone decides to pour blood, sweat and tears to make a filmed adaptation of a video game. Not with Titanfall. Work's already underway on an effect-heavy series set in the world of Respawn's mech-happy future. Looks pretty damn spiffy, if you ask me. » 3/11/14 12:30am 3/11/14 12:30am

Titanfall Server Problems Keeping Many From Playing, Microsoft Fixing…

Some Microsoft-run beta servers for the multiplayer-only, always-online game Titanfall have been down (or not working in some way) for at least three hours and counting on this, the first day of widespread access to the beta for the much-anticipated marquee next-gen first-person shooter. This, perhaps, is what betas… » 2/14/14 8:51pm 2/14/14 8:51pm