The History Of The Defective Xbox 360

How, exactly, did Microsoft wind up shipping a notoriously defective Xbox 360, resulting in thousands upon thousands of gamers burning through temporarily working consoles and over a billion dollars in warranty expenses? That's largely answered in Venture Beat's massive feature on the birthing pains of the console,… » 9/05/08 10:00pm 9/05/08 10:00pm

Truth Behind Xbox 360 "Recall" Is Quite Boring

Microsoft has ranged from mum to cagey on the exact source of the hardware issue that has red ringed thousands upon thousands of Xbox 360s, with Robbie Bach chalking it up to a "a Microsoft design issue." While the President of the company's Entertainment & Devices Division would prefer to leave it at that, a report… » 6/10/08 9:30pm 6/10/08 9:30pm