I Want To Play The Real-Life Video Game They Built For Capture

The production team behind CW's reality game show Capture created a high-tech wilderness compound, built their own cellular network, designed proprietary hardware and custom Android software, all so twelve teams of two can hunt each other down in the middle of the woods every Tuesday night. I really want to play this… »9/03/13 10:45pm9/03/13 10:45pm

This Is Mirror's Edge In Real Life. It Is Terrifying

I can’t tell if these guys are imitating Mirror’s Edge, or if this video is just a testament to how well the game captured what parkour feels like. Either way, this first person Parkour video is so much like Mirror’s Edge that it’s actually a little bit terrifying. »7/01/13 12:30am7/01/13 12:30am

There’s even moments that feel like it is straight… »7/01/13 12:30am7/01/13 12:30am

Infamous 2 is the Post-Katrina Video Game that America Deserves

The trend this year in video games, only about a decade late, is to let players repel an attack on New York City. See Crysis 2 this spring, Modern Warfare 3 this fall, and other games that put a virtual gun in their player's hands and some fantastic evil in their sights. The enemy isn't explicitly Al Qaeda, rather… »7/18/11 12:00pm7/18/11 12:00pm