This Is Not How I Remember Perfect Dark On N64

Remember Perfect Dark? The N64 spy shooter that was a lot like Goldeneye because it was basically a sequel to Goldeneye? Someone's gone and made it into a horrifying glitched out hellscape. » 1/14/15 10:30pm 1/14/15 10:30pm

The entire 164 track Banjo Kazooie soundtrack is available on Bandcamp. Ex-Rare audio maestro Grant Kirkhope put up the whole thing, which includes everything from level themes to cheerful, five-second victory chimes. You can name your price. Go revel in glorious bird/bear nostalgia and the happiest main theme ever. » 10/03/14 7:15pm 10/03/14 7:15pm

The Rarest Video Game Treasures In America's Coolest Game Store

Video Games New York is a tiny, cramped gaming store that is full of all sorts of treasures (we even used to host a video segment there!). Every nook and cranny is full of ultra-rare oddities that you can buy. Here are some of them: » 8/22/14 4:15pm 8/22/14 4:15pm

Is Next-Gen Kinect Facial Scan As Magical As It Seems? Mixed Results.

Stand in front of the next-gen Kinect, the one that can read your heartbeat just by looking at you (it's true; I tried it), and in theory it can scan your face. In the Xbox One game Kinect Sports: Rivals, Kinect 2.0 should be able to turn you into a video game character. But can it really? » 8/23/13 10:40am 8/23/13 10:40am

Killer Instinct On Xbox One Is Free, For Your First Character

Tekken isn't the only major fighting game series with a sequel that starts off costing nothing. The Xbox One's launch day fighting game Killer Instinct will also be free. You'll get one character, Jago, to play against anyone. » 6/11/13 2:24pm 6/11/13 2:24pm

Killer Instinct Returns, Exclusively for Xbox One

Rare's fan-favorite fighter Killer Instinct, which released 18 years ago on the Super Nintendo, will be rebooted as an exclusive Xbox One edition once the console launches. » 6/10/13 1:06pm 6/10/13 1:06pm

Kinect Sports Rivals, the third edition of the Kinect Sports franchise from Rare, will be coming to Xbox One this holiday season. Jet-ski races, rock climbing, bowling, target shooting, tennis and soccer were among the activities shown for the game. » 6/10/13 12:18pm 6/10/13 12:18pm

The Awesome, 100% Accurate Planetary Orbits of Blast Corps' Map Screen

Blast Corps, for the Nintendo 64, didn't give much of a damn for accurate physics. You could drive on gas-giant Neptune, and it had the lowest gravity of any of the game's extraterrestrial levels (it should be the highest). But as GameXplain marvelously demonstrates, the map menu is jaw-droppingly true to life. » 5/11/13 5:00pm 5/11/13 5:00pm

Is Rare Working On A Launch Title For The Next Xbox? Plus: More Gaming…

Editor's note: Superannuation is back this month for more not-so-hidden secrets dug up from the Internet. Amongst the handful of gaming whispers, it's no surprise to see mentions of a possible Next Xbox launch title with the reveal of the new console looming... » 4/26/13 12:00pm 4/26/13 12:00pm

Now's Your Chance to Get Every Dragonvale Dragon You've Missed

Notorious for releasing limited-time only dragons and driving players insane trying to breed them before time runs out, Backflip Studios shows fans mercy for the holidays, unlocking every dragon ever released in the game for breeding and purchase—for a limited time, at least. » 12/19/12 2:45pm 12/19/12 2:45pm

These Former Big-Budget Shooter Devs are Overjoyed to Bring You the…

Steve Ellis is responsible for the beloved multiplayer aspect of Rare's classic Nintendo 64 shooter Goldeneye 007, and was a founder of Free Radical Design, the studio behind the TimeSplitters franchise. Martin Wakeley was a designer and producer at Rare, creating beloved titles like Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini » 10/19/12 5:15pm 10/19/12 5:15pm

Ex-Rare Developers Dazzle with a Beautiful and Relaxing Japanese Game

iPad game Tengami is centered around the traditional Japanese pop-out arts and crafts. Designed by Nyamyam (an indie studio started by former Rare devs), Tengami utilizes the idea of paper popping up and down when turning a page. » 9/24/12 5:20am 9/24/12 5:20am

The Team That Made GoldenEye Was All For Adding That Famous Multiplayer…

Fellow gamers who came of age in the late 1990s may remember that any time four or more of their friends got together in one place, a round of GoldenEye was almost certain to break out. From 1997 through at least 1999, it seemed to be almost everywhere. Even players (like yours truly) who didn't own a Nintendo 64 put… » 8/14/12 6:00pm 8/14/12 6:00pm

The Other Far Cry 3, A Baffling PopCap Mystery And Other Gaming Secrets

Editor's Note: Imagine that there are secrets about video games buried under the soil on which you stand. The mysterious person known as Superannuation wields a shovel; so please step a little to the left and see what Superannuation is digging up just for you... » 8/08/12 2:00pm 8/08/12 2:00pm

At Least This $20,000 Banjo-Kazooie Toy Comes With Free Shipping

I like video game toys as much as the next guy. There are even a few toys out there that I'd be willing to pay money for. But twenty thousand dollars seems a bit high. And yet that's the price that this one-of-a-kind Banjo-Kazooie prototype figure is selling for on eBay right now. » 7/26/12 2:00pm 7/26/12 2:00pm

Infinity Ward's Next-Gen Call of Duty, id's Next-Gen Surprise, 1666 And…

Editor's Note: Do you want to read about some secrets about the gaming industry? Would you like to know about plans and projects that have been hiding in plain sight? The person known as Superannuation believes that you do and has another haul of them to share... » 7/25/12 1:00pm 7/25/12 1:00pm

The Future of Rare, A Vita 'Iteration', and a Pair of Avalanche…

Editor's Note: The shadowy figure known as Superannuation is back with more armfuls of gaming gossip about the people who made Perfect Dark, a possible Disney Skylanders clone, a strange Vita job listing at Sony and some tantalizing mysteries that maybe only you can solve. What has Superannuation dug from the World… » 7/11/12 1:00pm 7/11/12 1:00pm

Great Moments in Gaming Humor: A Squirrel in a World of S***

The funniest thing about Conker's Bad Fur Day » 5/07/12 4:20pm 5/07/12 4:20pm isn't the boozing, sexual situations, drug use, or foul language. It's not even the boss fight against a living mound of feces with teeth made of corn kernels. It's the fact that this Nintendo 64 classic started out a kid's game.

Maybe I Liked GoldenEye For Weird Reasons

Earlier this week, we published an intelligent takedown of the beloved Nintendo 64 James Bond first-person shooter GoldenEye » 4/14/12 12:00am 4/14/12 12:00am. Maybe, our guest writer wrote, this game was a little bit flawed. Maybe the campaign was monotonous and the multiplayer map design was weird. Maybe we can still love the game despite or…