New Prototype 2 Digital Comics from Dark Horse Explain Why New York’s Such a Hellhole

At the end of the first Prototype, the island of Manhattan suffered tons of property damage after hoodie-wearing protagonist Alex Mercer completed his quest to dish out viral justice. From what we've seen of Prototype 2, the city's become NYZ, a massive hot zone seething with poor, Blacklight virus-infected citizens… »1/17/12 9:00am1/17/12 9:00am

Prototype 2 Will, At The Very Least, Have Nice Corpse Throwing Physics

Prototype 2 isn't due out until sometime in 2012, so early video of Radical Entertainment's game can easily be forgiven for being light on substance. If you're looking forward to next year's Prototype sequel or simply enjoy video game trailers featuring harpsichord, give this one—"Heller Throws Down"—some eyeball time. »3/14/11 5:40pm3/14/11 5:40pm