Sony Drop Kicks PSP-3000's 4GB Entertainment Pack

Some of you wrote to us this weekend wondering why the hell Amazon (or the online retailer of your choosing) canceled your PSP-3000 pre-order. Well, if you were one of the dozens, if not hundreds, who opted for the 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack — which featured a PSP 3000 and 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo — Sony… » 10/27/08 9:40pm 10/27/08 9:40pm

PSP-3000 To Support Dualshock 3, 480i Video?

Got your internet filing cabinet handy? File this between "dubious" and "unexpected". Maxconsole say that - according to a "Best Buy insider" - the new PSP-3000 model won't just feature a brighter screen and cleaner edges, it'll apparently let you plug in your DualShock 3 pad and use it to play games. It'll also allow… » 8/28/08 11:40pm 8/28/08 11:40pm