The PlayStation Turns 20 Today -- What's Your Favorite Memory?

As incredible as this sounds, PlayStation is 20 years old today in America. (It hit Japan back in December 1994). My first encounter with the original PlayStation wasn’t on launch day, but rather, the machine’s first Christmas. It was nearly a total disaster, too, with two kids on the verge of tears for hours. »9/09/15 11:00am9/09/15 11:00am


The Contents of Resident Evil's 15th Anniversary Deluxe, Japan-Only Box Set Exposed

Japanese Resident Evil fans received a very posh box set for the PlayStation 3 earlier this month, stuffing 15 years' worth of zombie horror history—across five core Resident Evil games—in very slick packaging. See its horrors unboxed in the video above, for getting your hands on it might be a challenge. »9/19/11 7:30pm9/19/11 7:30pm