Project Diva F 2nd is More of the Same (And That's Not a Bad Thing)

It's no exaggeration to say that Hatsune Miku is the most popular virtual idol in the world; so it's not surprising that a new iteration of Project Diva was recently released in Japan. And while Project Diva F 2nd isn't vastly different from its predecessors, it is a welcome addition for anyone who enjoys music games. »4/22/14 8:00am4/22/14 8:00am

Project Diva F on the PS3 is Even Better Than the Vita Version

Let’s be clear right from the start. Project Diva f on the Vita is an enjoyable music game. It has great music, stunning visuals, and a staggering amount of unlockable items to customize how you play. But as good as it is, the PlayStation 3 version, Project Diva F (now with a capital “F”), is even better. »5/31/13 7:50am5/31/13 7:50am

In Project Diva F, the Dreamcast Controller Controls People Too!

Project Diva F is an enjoyable music game starring popular virtual idol Hatsune Miku. And like most games these days, there are more than a few Easter eggs for those paying attention. Moreover, as Project Diva F is a game made by Sega, many of these Easter eggs are callbacks to other Sega-related products. »5/31/13 5:40am5/31/13 5:40am

Here Are The Top 30 Games Japanese Gamers Are Looking Forward To In 2013

2013 is only 1/12th over. With 11 months left and new console news on the horizon, Weekly Famitsu asked its readers what games they were looking forward to for this year. Here's a list of the top 30 anticipated upcoming games for 2013 (note: All publishers and release dates are for Japanese release versions): »2/07/13 8:00am2/07/13 8:00am

Watch As Japan's Biggest Virtual Idol Takes Taiwan By Storm

Proving that she is an international sensation, virtual idol Hatsune Miku performed her first live show in Taiwan to sold-out crowds less than a week ago. This was part of a tour celebrating her fifth birthday that also visited Hong Kong for the first time the week before.

But the most interesting thing about… »10/12/12 6:00am10/12/12 6:00am

Project Diva f Takes a Few Missteps, But in the Generally Right Direction

As we move toward the end of the year, it can mean only one thing: it's time for a new game with everyone's favorite virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. Project Diva f »9/07/12 7:00am9/07/12 7:00am, this year's iteration in the series, is filled with firsts. There are new game mechanics, new songs, new costumes, and a from-the-ground-up graphical revamp…

Hatsune Miku Boosts Vita Sales, But She May Not Be Back For An Encore

It's no secret that the PS Vita has been struggling. Numbers have consistently shown the portable console to be underselling its predecessor, the PSP, on an almost weekly basis. As has been pointed out in the past »9/06/12 8:00am9/06/12 8:00am, the key to a hit console is to have hit games, and just as if to drive point home, one came out just…

Why Hatsune Miku is the World's Most Popular Virtual Idol

Hatsune Miku is more than a little big in Japan. She appears on billboards, in TV commercials, and gives sold-out concerts to legions of fans the world over. Of course, being a popular singer in and of itself isn't something that out of the ordinary. However, what makes her unique is the rather large obstacle she had… »8/21/12 7:00am8/21/12 7:00am