Wii Party And Wii Sports Follow The Wii's Price Cut

The Wii is now $169.99 USD at most U.S. retailers (Best Buy, Target, Amazon, GameStop) as of this week. Budget minded Wii owners will also be happy to know that two Nintendo games, Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort, have also had their prices slashed a cool ten bucks. Both are $39.99 USD, Nintendo of America has… » 4/18/11 10:00pm 4/18/11 10:00pm

Wii Price Drop Due Next Month, Says Report

The Wii may be as cheap as $150 USD next month, according to a report from Engadget, which cites a "trusted source" that says the console will become fifty bucks cheaper by May 15. » 4/12/11 10:30pm 4/12/11 10:30pm

GameStop Slashes Prices On Guitar Hero World Tour & More

Kotaku readers with money currently burning a hole in their pockets might want to hoof it down to the local GameStop tomorrow, as several tipsters forced to work retail warn of impending deal, including $100 off Guitar Hero World Tour. » 7/07/09 8:40pm 7/07/09 8:40pm

Ubisoft Believes In Price Drops And Fitness Games

During Ubisoft's financial earnings call today, CEO Yves Guillemot highlighted the importance of fitness games, suggesting that coming console price drops could drive the growing genre to even greater heights. » 5/27/09 1:20pm 5/27/09 1:20pm

Microsoft Dates PlayStation 3 Price Drop For Springtime

The PlayStation 3 will get a price drop in 2009. It just has to if Sony wants the console to keep up, install base-wise. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg agrees and expects a cheaper PS3 within months. » 1/07/09 8:20pm 1/07/09 8:20pm