Mystery Pokémon Found Hidden In X & Y's Code Is Star of Upcoming Movie

Officially, there are 718 known Pokémon...unless you count the three mysterious Pokemon found in X & Y's code, that is. While we reported the existence of unannounced Pokémon back in November of last year, it wasn't until last night that we started hearing details about what the deal with these Pokémon is. »2/11/14 1:30pm2/11/14 1:30pm

Most Players Will Never Know About The Best Change In Pokémon X And Y

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are the friendliest Pokémon games ever, both to new players and to jaded old-guard types like myself. The series has never been easier, and at the same there are more options than ever before. But there's one tiny change in the new Pokémon games that has the hardcore competitive community of… »10/28/13 4:00pm10/28/13 4:00pm

Holy Crap. Has The Famous Glitch, Missingno, Returned In Pokémon X & Y?

Hold on to your butts, this one is a doozy. Earlier today, an image with a screenshot of a trainer standing in front of a boutique in Lumiose City, a location in Pokemon X & Y, started floating around. It seemed to show something kind of incredible: Missingno, that classic glitch from Pokemon Red and Blue. »10/22/13 2:00pm10/22/13 2:00pm