Peter Molydeux Game Jam Expands to Germany, Portugal, Vegas and Beyond

What would Molydeux? In about a week and a half, we're going to find out. That question, of course, is the name of the coming international game jam that will give game developers in locations around the world 48 hours to break into teams and come up with games based on the wacky game design ideas of Peter Molydeux,… »3/21/12 9:30pm3/21/12 9:30pm

Peter Molydeux Game Jam Expands to Cities Around the Globe

"What Would Molydeux?", the cheekily titled game jam dedicated to the weird and occasionally brilliant ideas of the twitter persona Peter Molydeux, continues to grow. What started as a goof on twitter quickly became a San Francisco event, which expanded to New York and the UK and possibly even convinced the real Peter… »3/16/12 2:30pm3/16/12 2:30pm

An Interview With the Man Behind Gaming's Funniest Fake Twitter Account

It is one of the most followed Twitter accounts in the gaming world, and it doesn't belong to Miyamoto, Cliffy B, or Warren Spector. With almost 15,000 followers, Molydeux (with a D) is a parody account that draws its inspiration from the overly-ambitious ideas of veteran game developer Peter Molyneux (with an N),… »10/12/11 4:30am10/12/11 4:30am